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Service and Usage Agreement

HomepageService and Usage Agreement

Terms of Use

This agreement is between Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. and the person / persons using our website. Please read carefully to ensure that you understand our terms and conditions before purchasing any of our products or services.


By visiting or ordering through Albanian Hosting L.L.C., you agree to the terms set out below. Please read them carefully and be informed of the rules to be followed. Albanian Hosting L.L.C., has the right to change these terms of use, without prior notice.

The services provided by Albanian Hosting L.L.C., may only be used for lawful purposes. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in connection with your use of the Services. Albanian Hosting L.L.C., reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

General Terms

Communication via Electronic Tools. When you visit Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. www.albahost.net or send us an email, we communicate electronically. By accepting the terms of use, you acknowledge that you are communicating electronically. Our communication with you will be via email, or notifications that we will announce on the website or live chat. We do not offer any type of contract with or without signatures, our services are as they are ie month to month (1), three months to three months (3), six months to six months (6), twelve months to twelve months (12 ). So no party like you or we are obligated to sign any contract.

Privacy protection

On behalf of Albanian Hosting L.L.C. we pledge to protect the privacy of our customers. We collect only the necessary information of customers / users and the necessary data for business which are in line with the good habits of professional business. All information available on the Websites may be used solely for the purpose of informing and promoting products and services. We give customers the opportunity to choose the decision if they want to hide from the list of posts used for marketing campaigns. All data for users / clients is strictly confidential and available only to employees who have the necessary performance of their work. All employees of Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. are responsible for respecting the principles of protection of customer privacy.

Intellectual property

The contents presented on this site, design elements (buttons, icons, etc.), texts, photos, logos, audio / video and programs are the property of Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. or its supplier and may not be used without the prior consent of Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. If you think that the content of Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. is yours and that it has been abused, contact us in order to establish intellectual property rights. All information available on the Websites is for informational purposes only and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties.

Product Prices

Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. is obliged to accept any price at which you have purchased a product, even if the price of the product has changed after you have placed the order. Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. has the right to cancel the order form and send notification via email to customers, if there was a serious error when placing prices on the website, e.g. instead of 1000 it is marked 100 Euros or the price of a product is zero (0) then Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. has the right to cancel that order.

Working hours

Albanian Hosting L.L.C. accepts orders 24 hours a day during business days and is implemented within 24 hours, except in case of holidays or events that are reasonable. Orders placed during the weekend, the delivery is made by Monday at the latest.

Website update

Albanian Hosting L.L.C. reserves the right to change the data on the website at any time, without notice. Visitors to Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. are not entitled to unilaterally change the terms of use and any possible change is invalid unless the two parties agree in writing.


The minimum order of the product is 1.00Eur To order products offered by Albanian Hosting L.L.C., you must follow the steps below: 1. Registration, account creation 2. Selection of the product you want to buy 3. E add to cart (if any of the items do not suit you you can remove it from the basket with x) 4. Choice of payment 5. Confirm the order 6. The invoice is issued and the customer is contacted by the sales agents 7. The product is activated

Payment Choices

In this step, you can choose some of the options that we offer to make the payment of ordered products: Bank transfer (E-banking) With Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Alipay. Please note, if the payment is made with paypal, the info details registered with us, with the info details on paypal must be the same. Otherwise, we will not activate the service!

Order Confirmation

Before confirming the order, you can once again look at the details set by you, such as: what you have ordered, is the correct information about your company, what is the cost of the order, what is the total amount, etc. . If everything is OK, click Confirm. At this point, you will automatically receive an email with your order statement.

Terms of Use for all services provided by Albanian Hosting L.L.C..

Article 1

All services have their current prices on our websites, no action is taken for the amounts sent less than the stated prices and vice versa.

Article 2

In no case are the contents allowed to increase on the servers and networks of Albanian Hosting L.L.C. All photos, videos and pages dedicated to adults, written and similar content are strictly prohibited.

Article 3

All interactive web uses are strictly prohibited on Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. This includes but is not limited to chat uses written in PHP, Perl, Python etc. any use of the web which represents the real time of the conversation is not prohibited.

Article 4

The processes required by the web server, cron, Shell or any other method may not exceed the following restrictions: Consume more than 1024 mb of Ram. Use CPU faster than 15 seconds. The number of open documents should not be greater than 64. Form basic waste. The number of simultaneous processes should not exceed 5. If you request a performance service dedicated to your site contact us and inform us of your request.

Article 5

All users are limited to 15 Mysql link competitors. Each database is limited to 2 GB of disk space. The database series should not exceed 3000 per hour. Database changes (insert, refresh, delete) should not exceed 1000 rows per minute. Database servers should not be used as hosting choices. Databases can be allowed for web sites hosted by Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. Remote database access is for administrative purposes only.

Article 6

Customers are NOT allowed to, make or offer illegal materials / services on their website / server, i.e websites such as:

  • Warez
  • Crack services
  • Proxy web
  • Public VPN
  • Phishing Scam
  • Mass Mailing/Spam/Marketing
  • Botnet
  • Port Scanning
  • Malware/virus/security exploit activities
  • Terrorist activities
  • Tor-exit
  • DoS/DDoS
  • IP Spoofing
  • Crypto mining
  • Pornographic content

 and or any kind of illegal activities, etc., is strictly prohibited.

Article 7

Any customer who wants to publish a music album or any application for which they have a commercial license for such an action can inform us, otherwise the account of their hosting is extinguished by our staff for a period of one week (7 day) where it is expected that within a week the client will argue after a week the website will be permanently extinguished and leave our server as well as the client will no longer be able to purchase any service from our company.

Article 8

Each customer has the opportunity to possess from a mailing list with the apostrophe subscription system for receiving emails from the designated web site, so no client is allowed to make a massive delivery of emails from their host in any way other than the one otherwise mentioned. your account is permanently deleted without further discussion.

Article 9

Each customer can request the disconnection from our server where we deliver the domain unfortunately the amount paid for the order is not refunded.

Article 10

During hosting in our space we do not provide support for development or problems with your site only if the problem is with us/our servers/network, Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. everything else is done by you.

Article 11

Albanian Hosting L.L.C. has the right to scan your space without asking you for security reasons or misuse but never checking your data.

Article 12

We do not prohibit the use of plugins, themes or various components that you download online without paying them, but if you do not check them for any viruses, spam, problems or something similar of this nature and Albanian Hosting L.L.C. we encounter problems with your site we will automatically suspend you without notice and there is no going back !

Article 13

Albanian Hosting L.L.C. offers all the parameters that are presented on our website, each additional request must be paid based on the pricing set by the agent of our company.

Article 14

If your server or service has been suspended due to payment or illegal (illegal) payments / services, you have three (3) days to update or reply / declare. If within these three (3) days you fail to pay / renew or respond / declare, the service will be deleted from the database and there is no return of this service anymore!

Please note, for dedicated servers they will be automatically cancelled/deleted on the same day they're expired! Please make sure to renew your dedicated server/s before they expire.

Article 15

If you have applied or registered a domain with tld .AL extension please note, .AL domains are manually registered by AKEP and this can take one (1) to two (2) days. If the purchase or order of the domain with .AL extension is done on Friday afternoon, the delivery / registration is done on the following Monday. This is not because we decide, but unfortunately, AKEP does not work and also does not launch services over weekends.

Article 16

Please note, port 25 and/or the mail server ports are blocked for security reasons, and can only be opened with a reason/argument.

Article 17

For customers who want us to migrate / transfer their website to our servers please note: Every migration / transfer of the website is done through cPanel to cPanel, in no way will we make manual migrations / transfers and in no way we will log into your account to the existing host from our computers. They are automatically transferred from our cPanel to your cPanel. Please note that to perform this service you must have one of these panels with the existing host: WHM cPanel, Plesk Panel or DirectAdmin. Otherwise we will not consider the request for migration / transfer of your web.

Article 18

Please note, rDNS (Reverse DNS) will be set/implement on request and with a reason.

Article 19

If you are dissatisfied with your service, we offer you three (3) days money back. Please note, if within these three (3) days you have committed any illegal activity or we receive any information for abuses, there is no refund in this way! Please Note, there is no refund for Dedicated Servers!

There is no refund if the payment was done through cryptocurrency, due to the nature of the mentioned payment method.

Article 20

Please note, IPv6 is implemented and every customer will get /64 subnet. If you need more than a  /64 please contact us. Please note, we only allocate IPs if their use conforms to RIPE guidelines. This means we require a valid technical reason for why you need more IPs/subnets.

Please note, our IPs/subnets geolocates to Albania by major whois databases. Also we do not guarantee that our IP addresses are accessible globally, due to some countries restrictions.

Article 21

Technical support is provided 24 hours a week (Monday / Sunday). Support tickets submitted on weekends (Saturday / Sunday) will typically be processed within five (5) hours. The Invoice or Sales Department are online from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Invoicing searches outside of these hours will receive responses within 24 hours.

Article 22

DMCA / Copyright When we receive a copyright complaint regarding the content or network activity of a virtual server / webhosting or other services we provide, we send the request to the server / webhosting / website owner or possessor of the material parent and request to take the appropriate measures and delete that copyrighted material from hosting on our servers / services. If complaints come up periodically, we ask them to stop abusive / application activity. If you ignore our requests, then this may lead to the suspension and or termination of your server / service and there is no refund!

Article 23

For any problems regarding our services, please contact us before opening paypal dispute, and or chargeback! In order to try to solve the problem together, please note, if the client opens a paypal dispute and / or chargeback before contacting us, we will automatically suspend the service and the account!

Article 24

Domains, please note, it is not allowed to register or transfer domains with pornographic content. Please note, before transferring domain names inside or outside our company, make sure that the info details are accurate and in accordance with the contact / details of the owner! We take no responsibility for this after!

Article 25

Please note, we do not allow streaming audio / video content as well as CDN proxy servers. seeding/torrenting to be hosted on our basic dedicated servers, abusing port speed, bandwidth constantly/nonstop is not allowed, for streaming servers please contact us.

Advanced dedicated servers have a total of 50 TB bandwidth/traffic at 1Gbps per month, if you reach this limit, your port will be reduced to 10 Mbps (unlimited). Or you can buy additional traffic at 1Gbps which is €4/TB

Premium dedicated servers have a total of 330 TB bandwidth/traffic at 10Gbps per month, if you reach this limit, your port will be reduced to 10 Mbps (unlimited). Or you can buy additional traffic at 10Gbps which is €4/TB

Article 26

Please note, all VPS / VDS have the bandwidth / traffic specified and shared on 1Gbps in each package, if you use the total bandwidth / traffic that is defined in the respective package, VPS / VDS will be reduced to 10 Mbps (unlimited). However you can buy extra traffic / bandwidth, for 2, - € per TB.

Article 27

Data loss and hardware replacement guarantee. We do not keep backups of your services. You are responsible for the backup of your data and the integrity of these. Albahost is not liable in case of loss of data. We recommend that all customers maintain adequate backups at all times. Services that this concerns are, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual server
  • Dedicated server
  • Colocation
  • Email services

Should a hardware component fail, we will replace the defective component as soon as possible or within 24/48 hours.

Article 28

Recurring payments to Albanian Hosting L.L.C. are made between the Customer and PayPal’s “Subscription Service”. Please login to your PayPal account to update your payment settings. You are responsible for cancelling the subscription before your next monthly charge.

Article 29

Please note, all the services provided by us are provided as unmanaged, except agreed otherwise.


All materials, including photographs, are copyrighted by Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. They cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, modified, transmitted, or distributed in any way without the prior permission of Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. The use of materials from any website or other medium, without mentioning the source of the material, is a violation of copyright and is prohibited. Failure to fully comply with these conditions is the basis for suspending the account and / or closing (with or without compensation relating to the rules of Albanian Hosting L.L.C..). All accounts and / or servers contained within the Albanian Hosting L.L.C.. network must be supported by the above policies. We reserve the right to transfer any account without prior notice. If we close your account due to a breach of certain policies, there is no refund for the advances made.


11 February 2024